Founded in 1997, Media Bureau, inc (MBi) is a pioneering Interactive Digital Media Agency located in Philadelphia, PA. We currently co-produce the privately-owned media properties Philadelphia Independent Film Festival, mediabureau.com, and MBPS.cc. and more than 10 social media networks.

Original Design Framework: Media Bureau enables digital media communications via a creative innovation process that interfaces the internet, social media, independent film, and original and partnered web channels. Media Bureau clients are an active and diverse body that includes government, private, and non-profit actors looking for a marketing and/or tech entryway to emerging communities and markets.

Media Bureau produces and delivers digital media communications combining Original Content Design, Digital Strategy (DS), Social Network Strategy (SNS), Crowdfunding, IT Design, and A/V production (camera, editing, knowledge), for Film, Media, and Politics.

Why Media Bureau? We have been at the vanguard of the agile digital media revolution through constant research and design since being the first to stream live on the Pennsylvania political stage in 1999. We believe our media strategy and tech solutions are elevated by a large amount of internal collaboration upfront and agile design on the go. We strategize and integrate creative and business goals to stage quick and efficient rollouts. We bring to light the problem, solution, and the execution strategy.

Over the past 23 years, we have brought together a diverse clientele of creatives, entrepreneurs, small businesses, and digital news media that are looking to introduce or promote their brand in aligned, non-aligned, and niche network environments, to enable and enhance digital media business opportunities and capabilities.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss your project.

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