Digital Media Services

Founded in 1997, Media Bureau Network provides the following professional digital media services:

1. Digital Media Communications Strategy (DMS) including:
a. Marketing
b. Social Media
c. Press
d. New business and sales

Media Bureau has been providing its own unique blend of Digital Media Strategy for the business and creative economy, in-house original content projects, partners, and clients since 1998. We work from initial business analysis to launch and design to cast a wide net from day one. We help devise a multi pronged niche media engagement strategy that is enables your unique brand(ing) and goals.

Our Digital Media Strategy (DMS) is designed with an eye towards long term integrated growth and short term (quick win) visibility. We promote and encourage an agile process of brand delivery. The MBN Digital Media Strategy consists of some or all of the MBN Stages of Social Business Transformation (SBT):
I. Strategic plan/strategy aligned with cultural and business vision
II. Enabled innovation flow for maximum discovery and alignment presence
III. Engagement and discovery via tools and opportunities
IV. Integration of enabled Agile Media Strategies (AMS)
V. Micro targeted integration and design
VI. Ecosystem establishment, seeding, and engagement

Fees are based on actual client need and time frames allotted. We will provide a free 1 hour consultation to discuss your ideas. Our minimum monthly retainer fee for Media Strategy begins at $1,000 (US) monthly. Our consulting fees begin at $135 per hour and are available a la cart.

If you are interested, we would like to hear from you.

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