HD Screening Room

Philadelphia's first HD screening room. Media Bureau.

Philadelphia’s first HD screening room.

MBN HD Screening room: 2000 – 2012

The Media Bureau designed, built, and produced the City of Philadelphia’s first Independent  SD/HD film, media, politics, and art salon, complete with multiple digital studios and a spacious cafe parlor (freeRADlab) in 1998. Our goal was to help unite the greater Philadelphia creative digital media community and economy, and their global counterparts in one location, with all of the tools. The screening room was programmed from our extensive in-house content production, web/network access, and personal collection of Independent “digital” films, festival favorites, including genre films, documentaries, midnight cult movie’s, film slam selections, and much more.

Independent film and digital media were provided a one of a kind creative forum to converge, screen, network, share, and innovate. The underground film forum, #uff, met regularly from 1998-2011 to screen and discuss independent films. The forum is now the in-house curation team for the annual Philadelphia Independent Film Festival.

Thank you to the thousands who passed through, had events, interacted, watched, discussed, debated, posted, innovated, got married, had Bar Mitzvah’s, and took part in what was a truly historical and magical creative cipher.

Thank you,

All of us at MBN

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