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Discussing DMS ~             Bar Camp Philly 2009

It’s exciting times here at the Media Bureau. We have long pioneered the use of digital media strategy and specifically user-centric content aggregation to sell and market (anything). We have always worked to provide maximum collaboration in a digital and dynamic framework. We have worked in the digital film and political market place since 1997, designing interfaces connected to user-centric interaction models tied into marketing ideas. We are considered pioneers in the field of streaming media as a viable content based business solution and have spoke many times on the delivery of content as a tool to brand, market, and sell. 15 years later we feel some of our original ideas have now come to the front of digital media.

Agility is the new martini lunch. It is in the market place where the cross roads of film, media, and politics intersect that we have been focusing our attention. The transformation from analog to digital. The following incomplete list represents a suite of ideas to work with when producing (digital media) content for the internet:

1. enable agility (as a brand/business)
2. enable users to focus on their needs as a means to the end (primary tasks)
3. enable brands to interact via “consumer demanded” technology (helpers)
4. enable control of the brand to a “user” (value prop) (user is revenue model)
5. enable ubiquitous and accessible market place(s)(buy/sell)
6. enable (on demand) eco-system (build your own sustainable community)

~ Benjamin F. Barnett


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