Welcome. We’re off to another great year as festival #11 has seen steady submissions and a real interest in the business of film. Our infamous Animation Festival tickets are on sale! Get them here BUY Animation Festival tickets. We have a great program lining up with selections from Iran, the US, Holland, and more already accepted to screen. Tickets are $5 for this special event (that takes place during the annual festival). Thank you to #PRSguitars and Gearstuff.com for your ongoing support.

We are excited to share our festival with everybody and this includes integrating with Philly Tech Week even more. We have been passive about this venture the past few years as we scoped out the possibilities. We feel now we are ready to stand up and show you what we have in mind. Expect our VR efforts to finally come to the front. 🙂

More updates soon. Visit us on Twitter for daily news and discussions @PhilaIndie

See you at the festival!