Hello and thank you for being with us during the past year. It’s been a roller coaster. We had never expected to get to our next festival on May 10-15, 2021 and still be embroiled in the Covid-19 Pandemic. Philadelphia, although with a post pandemic in view, is still on a very strict Covid-19 protocol. We are doing our best to stay up to date and in touch with all State of Pennsylvania options to best screen films. In short, we will have very, very small crowds of perhaps 22 people per screening. We will confirm at the last minute actual numbers. We are, essentially, shut down again. We regret this but are confident we will be live in 2022!

We are working furiously to produce, in-house, a 1.0 version of our streaming platform we have been discussing for the past few years. This means we are live on ROKU, Web, Mobile, VR (TBD) and in the theater 24/7. Our past few attempts were not successful. We have updated partnerships, collaborations, and have created a whole new ecosystem in the past 12 months. We are excited to continue to infuse technology and film in Philadelphia.

We have been curating and screening digital film since 1998! We are excited to bring you the next level of what we think a film festival will be. We know this is an evolving process but see an end to the Covid tunnel. We are looking forward to coming out on the other end!

Thank you for supporting the festival and we look forward to seeing you soon.

The 2021 Festival Team