Thank you Dr. Richard Weissman, Free RAD Lab, HDSDmedia, Josh Goldblum, Philadelphia Independent Film Festival and of course the many film makers across the globe, we are about to rev up the engines and screen daily.

As you know, we have been working since 2006 to create a much broader interface to connect with Independent Film Makers in all locations and kinds. Specifically, we worked to create the link between a film goer and filmmaker within a market place. We have always believed the digital medium was the enabler for the film maker (big or small) and that by enabling both groups simultaneously, the cinematic experience is that much more interesting and therfore extremely valuable. You can sit and watch, or you can interact with an interested body. On demand.

Our Film Initiative in 2006 helped put it all together. This is where we connected the analog domain ( (launched: Summer 2006) & daily screenings in the freeRADlab, with the digital domain, (Expected Launch: June 2010). Both are produced by Media Bureau, Inc, a 11,000 sq. ft brick and morter hub of Film, Politics, and Media where we have continued to work and aggregate interesting and engaging events for the Film, Politics, and Media communities in our multiple studios. These events, discussions, presentations, performances, shows, demonstrations, are streamed and recorded, and are continued on in public discussion through Digital Media Strategy (DMS) since our inception in 1997.

We are now about to play host to a daily stream of online and offline programming picked from our vantage points in Film, Politics, and Media.

Come by the studios and see what is going on. We are available by stopping in from 11- 7 EST or calling 215 592 – 1242 for an appointment. We will be using this website, the Facebook groups for Philadelphia Independent Film Festival and PUFF Movie House, as a start point for scheduling, updates, and community organizing.

Sign on to the screening room Facebook page:
PUFF Movie House

See you in the parlour.

Benjamin F. Barnett

Program Analyst – MediaBureau / freeRADlab

Festival Director- Philadelphia Independent Film Festival

PUFF Movie House