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Thinking different …   Enabling the Unthinkable

Update: address: 2401 Walnut Street Philadelphia, Pa 19103. @ CityCoHo / Nexus. ~~ cophilly.com
coPhilly is a unique and hand’s on start-up crowdfunding accelerator program based out of Philadelphia http://citycoho.com/ in Philadelphia, PA. CoPhilly accepts startups, nonprofits, creative’s, makers and small business owners seeking $10K – $1M in seed or growth capital into 10-week programs that culminates with a Business Demonstration Weekend through weekly workshops via hands on teaching, original curriculum development, business strategy and management, business mentoring, and digital media strategy.

We are excited to be working regularly on the next 10 week intake in February. Come by Nexus to discuss why this disruptive fundraising process is enabling the making and creative economies to, once and for all, strike out on their own.  ~ ed