Enabling a pop-up community? A few quick points to make.


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If the primary focus is (mandated) content choice and the goals are attraction and retention, then insertion destination, interaction, and frequency are primary steps. As well, working under the premise that a community has been developed and is capable of the interactions you are seeking, then a primary goal is to let as many people who know you have the content, know. Process: (target or potential target) details about the destination community.

We begin discussion with this outline in mind:

a. goal(s)

b. choice(s) (target)

c. frequency (destination) (schedule of posts and type)

d. capability (enabling of community to act on their own)



Media Bureau, Digital Media Strategy, Advertising and Digital Media Content


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Discussing DMS ~             Bar Camp Philly 2009

It’s exciting times here at the Media Bureau. We have long pioneered the use of digital media strategy and specifically user-centric content aggregation to sell and market (anything). We have always worked to provide maximum collaboration in a digital and dynamic framework. We have worked in the digital film and political market place since 1997, designing interfaces connected to user-centric interaction models tied into marketing ideas. We are considered pioneers in the field of streaming media as a viable content based business solution and have spoke many times on the delivery of content as a tool to brand, market, and sell. 15 years later we feel some of our original ideas have now come to the front of digital media.

Agility is the new martini lunch. It is in the market place where the cross roads of film, media, and politics intersect that we have been focusing our attention. The transformation from analog to digital. The following incomplete list represents a suite of ideas to work with when producing (digital media) content for the internet:

1. enable agility (as a brand/business)
2. enable users to focus on their needs as a means to the end (primary tasks)
3. enable brands to interact via “consumer demanded” technology (helpers)
4. enable control of the brand to a “user” (value prop) (user is revenue model)
5. enable ubiquitous and accessible market place(s)(buy/sell)
6. enable (on demand) eco-system (build your own sustainable community)

~ Benjamin F. Barnett


ed x3 2013

Philadelphia Independent Film Festival #6 in full swing


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The festival has been receiving at least 3/4 films – per day. We are looking good here and have even received a documentary film from North Korea. Interesting. Thank you for all the feedback to date. As we type, we are working with the team over at The Lunch Room for a full scale website update. If you have been following the blog, you will know the day to day. The website will include features such as PIFF on demand, Trailers, Music Video’s and other media from past and present festival’s. Stick with us as we are looking to bring the Independent filmmaker to the next level.

~ ed

updated: Philadelphia Independent Film Festival.com

Take Action News Brings Governance to the News enabling people to “Take Action”


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Welcome back.
Its long been said in the digital media news sphere that all news is partisan (ok, we said that). But there was a time when this was not the truth and the news was the facts, just the facts. Take Action News has moved to fill this void and provide extensive coverage to the facts while providing Take Action opportunities for both sides of the issues. We welcome you to visit TaKeActionNews.com and join in the action.

Today in this polarized political world being attacked by a declining economy, #TAN is what the news cycle needs. Take Action News is anchored by veteran reporters David Shuster and Charlie Mitchell. Dr. Alan Rosenblatt anchors our unique Social Media channel that teaches you how to use and understand today’s truly remarkable digital media tools. Media Bureau Digital Media Strategist Benjamin F. Barnett helms the news organization as CEO and Micro-blogger and CTO Keith Atkinson takes over as webmaster.

With #TAN, today’s political process is at the tip of your fingers. Backing up this investigative team is the Media Bureau’s 15 years of digital media political experience. We are proud to have been asked to take part as partners.

We welcome you to Take Action at TakeActionNews.com

Philadelphia Independent Film Festival launches 5th festival with record attendance


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Festival 5 is a wrap. The follow-up now begins. What a process to produce a film festival. If we have any respect for any Festival Founder or Director it is that they even make something like this happen at all. The expectations of “thousands” of filmmakers and attendees is stunning and at times beyond belief (parking on demand in Philadelphia?). A film festival is motivated in its pure sense to screen films that they feel the public wants to see. Their are those that feel they are “all about local film or Independent film” but in short, are sorely missing the point. The film fest attendee has as much love for film as the one who brags “they are all about it”. The process in which a festival is produced is where the dedication lies and that is the holy grail – producing a festival by all means possible. Media Bureau has been producing @philaIndie since it conceived the idea in 2007. We all dreamed of getting to festival 5. The founder and festival director, Benjamin F. Barnett and Bernard Glincosky, are still standing. This years team consisted of the most talented and diverse body since we broke ground in 2008 with the first festival. This years team (now going on 2+ years), Stephon Tucker (Producer), James DiFonzo (Festival PR and writer in residence), Melissa O’Donnell (Screening Chair and filmmaker liason), Kelsey Hoffman (Festival General Manager), Edgardo Vazquez (Festival Art Director), Bernard Glincosky (Volunteer Coordinator) and the vast army of volunteers that took on “jobs” to make it the best festival by far ever are a force. This spawning is what makes Philadelphia film so special to us and we hope all of you. This years festival screened 122 films and video’s, with 14 screened “off festival” (136 total). What can we say? Hate us or love us, we are here to stay and are on track despite the carnage of a global financial meltdown and blindsiding competition.

See you June 26 – 30, 2013 for festival #6. Bigger, better, stronger. We hope you join us.

The #piff team

Media Bureau works with Take Action News to launch AM radio show: Take Action News w/ David Shuster – 1480 AM in Washington DC


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Take Action News w/ David Shuster
Every Saturday, 12pm-3pm on AM 1480 Radio and the web live from the Nation’s Capital, Washington DC.

Join us live every Saturday from 12:00pm – 3:00pm EST at:
Take Action News w/ David Shuster – please pass this link on!

Discuss the subjects via:
Twitter: @TakeActionNews #TAN
Facebook: Take Action News on FACEBOOK

All ideas and points of view welcome.

Follow along right here:
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Take Action News launches Facebook and Twitter page

Posted: Working in collaboration with the Take Action News Team and Media Bureau IT, UI, and Content specialists, the political Governance website and eco-system, http://takeactionnews.com, has launched the Take Action News Facebook page and Twitter handle. See the news and views on governance that the news media has failed to provide and Take Action.

Follow along right here:
Facebook: Take Action News on Facebook

Twitter: #TAN on Twitter


The 1st #Independent Eye @Franklin Institute screening series ends. 2011


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Re-Posted:  Everybody at Media Bureau and the Philadelphia Independent Film Festival want to thank the whole team at FI.edu / @Franklin Institute !!
Thank you for enabling the #Independent Eye screening series from Oct. 18 – Nov. 13, 2011 in your great institution. TY to Kathryn and John for the vision. #piff5 #Pi5 #film #Philly – Great dialogue.

We look forward to screening in March and during the 5th Philadelphia Independent Film Festival, June 21 – 25, 2012. 😉

Philadelphia Independent Film Festival presents: Independent Eye @ the Franklin Institute October 19 – Nov 13, 2011 Screening Schedule 2011


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Philadelphia Independent Film Festival presents:

Independent Eye @ the Franklin Institute

October 19 – Nov 13, 2011

Screening Schedule 2011

More info: Screening listings – http://on.fb.me/roKh6v

(Screenings subject to change)


Wednesday – 19th 7:30pm – 8:55pm

Stage Left: History of Theatre in SF. (Documentary) (Dir. Austin Forbord in attendance)

Stage Left is a documentary film in celebration of a unique theater community. The film begins with the founding of The San Francisco Actor’s Workshop in 1952 and extends through 2010. Inspired by a Western history of risk taking and exploration, a climate of political and social activism, a particular multicultural mix, and a geography that is seismically unstable, San Francisco Theater artists have focused on pushing the boundaries of the form.

Friday – 21st 7:35pm – 9:00pm

Mind Flesh (81min) Horror, Sci-Fi

MindFlesh is a horror/thriller about obsession. Chris Jackson is a taxi driver with a childhood trauma. The trauma has made him a portal for obsessions to pass from the mind to the physical world and hence disrupt the world’s multiple planes of reality. Extraterrestrials that police the universe threaten to kill Chris’ friends unless he conquers his past.

WITH Short: Foet 12 min Dir. Ian Fisher

Getting by in the rich world of Manhatten takes on shocking proportions.

Saturday – 22nd 7:30 – 9:00 — PIFF Short film selections:

Glory at Sea (25min)(Creepy, Political, Drama) Directed by Benh Zeitlin Produced by Court 13

A group of mourners and a man spat from the depths of Hades build a boat from the debris of New Orleans to rescue their lost loved ones trapped beneath the sea

The Escape (25min) (Documentary What-if) Produced by the American Film Institute.

17th Century England is a time of darkness and sickness. An executioner is faced with the task of taking his sons own life. What will he do?

Serum (22 min) (Science Fiction) by Chidi Ohar

Serum is a live action film noir about a detective in the year is 2067. A world filled with fraud and corruption, a shadowy government organization called “The Black Flag” secretly controls all facets of society. Their dominance is almost complete; except for one thorn…

Friday – 28th 7:35 – 9:25

Cure For the Crash – The Art of Train Hoppin. (94min) Dir. Brian Paul Higgens

One girls pursuit of a lost boyfriend brings us deep in the American train hopping community. When the winds of travel got between them, she hopped freight trains to find him.

Sat urday– 29th 7:30 – 9:30

Heaven and Earth and Joe Davis. By Peter Sasowsky

Almost thirty years ago, a peg-legged artist and motorcycle mechanic from Mississippi walked into MIT!s Center for Advanced Visual Studies and demanded a meeting with the Director. They had not returned his calls. Forty-five minutes later, after trashing the receptionist!s desk and holding off the Cambridge police, Joe Davis walked out of Director Otto Piene’s office with a academic appointment at MIT.

||| Roundtables All discussions will be held at Media Bureau or the Franklin Theatre at the Institute. Signs will be posted in the lobby and via Facebook and Twitter @PhilaIndie. |||||||

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